Labor Day Afternoon: Greenwood Furnace

There is nothing so appealing to me on a warm and muggy summer afternoon as a dip in cold, refreshing water. Greenwood Furnace is the coldest local place we know of to swim, so that's where we went to celebrate the American Labor Day holiday, which occurs on the first Monday of September.

There were more people at the park than usual, but most of them were at picnics, and not at the little sandy beach. As soon as I got there, I walked around and took some pictures, including this shot of a woman with a blue and white umbrella and a dog, both sitting in the shade at the edge of the swim area.

Then I walked back up to the car and left my camera there, and we brought our swim gear and towels and chairs down to the water. We ended up sitting right near the lady with the umbrella and the dog, and they were both very nice indeed.

My husband asked if the dog was a service dog, but she said no, "just" a rescue. The dog had been returned to the shelter TWICE before she got there to give it its forever home. They both seemed very happy together, and I realized, again, that sometimes it's the third time that's the charm. Dear hearts, don't ever be afraid to take another chance . . . on love.    :-)

There are TWO soundtrack songs for this day. Here's a favorite song for Labor Day, about the working person's woes: Loverboy, Working for the Weekend. And here is a song about taking yet one more chance on love. Released in 1978, this is quite possibly the first music by Abba that I ever bought for myself, and I purchased it on a 45 rpm record. Here's Abba, with Take a Chance on Me.

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