Tour of Britain - Stage 3

We had decided that we would go and see the start of the Stage 3 Tour of Britain in Bristol.  We left home about 8.0am and the plan was to go to the zoo  and w could park the car easily.  The zoo was very quiet and we were the first people there.  We loved the flowers tn the garden but the animals were mostly quiet.  We left about 10.15 and made our way to the Clifton Suspension Bridge - we debated where to go but in the end decided that the bridge was iconic.  There were very few people about so we had a good vantage point.  My camera battery died and KG kindly took some pictures for me.  The only one I managed on my phone the red car got in the way.  It was exciting watching them come across the bridge and couldn't believe how quickly they went and also the wind s they went past.  We stopped for fish and chops before going home.  I had set the race to record this morning before going out so when we got home - a cup of coffee and watched the end of the race and then the recording.  It was exciting watching the end as our youngest daughter lives in Long Ashton and it was good watching the landmarks we knew so well.  The Cheddar Gorge part was good and it was amazing how they kept going.  My extra is taken from the TV as when we played it  we were there (KG's finger is pointing me out) and that is the red car that spoiled my view.  We were glad we made the effort to go and really enjoyed it.  After all the sun we have had it was quite damp and drizzly

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