One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Sparse invader

Thank god he was an isolated case.
I tackled him with ease (I'm Sick Sigma green belt).

I wouldn't want to see our beautiful planet surrendered to the likes of these.

Our cute blue globe.

With its depleted fish stocks.
and Monsanto engineered crops.
Its Agent Orange deformed kids.
Its suicide bombers.
Its jolly oiligarchs.
Its rigged democracies.
And tenuous tyrannies.
Its radioactive sarcophagus,
And passive enreligioned masses.
Its one in 57 million chance to win the lotto
But one in three to lose to the big C.

Actually, come back little sparse invader.
Come back! Come back with your mates.
Come back and take over.

You can't do worse,
It can only get better.

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