Locked out.

Suddenly our bathroom door jammed with nobody inside and we’re all locked out. What??!!
After staring at and pulling on it for a while, Daan came home from football training and wanted to shower but that had to wait.

I tried to unscrew the door handle but that didn’t work out well because on the inside things were turning as well.
In the end I called my father in law. He always has solutions for problems like this.
He arrived within 15 minutes and after some heavy thinking and pulling on the door we came to the conclusion that there was only one solution.
We had to cut through the iron door hinges on the opposite side.
So we did and finally we could open the door the other way around.

That means that during the upcoming days we'll have to shower without a bathroom door. Hmmm.
Next weekend I'll get a new doorlock (to replace the broken one on the photo), but I know myself, I will probably end up with a whole new door. Rests of the hinges are still inside the door and I haven't got a clue how to get those parts out.

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