Silver Y

This evening after work I was going to go for a walk in search of a blip as I am feeling a lot better, Many thanks for the kind wishes. I had an earlier night than normal and woke up this morning not quite 100% but defiantly ready to face the world. 
As I say i was going to go out for a walk but it was turning a bit grey and feeling damp in the air. I got the washing in off the line as it was nearly dry. While draping it over the drier up stairs a moth flew out from a pair of Jae's trousers. So I decided to grab my camera and get a couple of shots. I have included an extra of it sat on the light bulb. It is a Silver Y moth I have blipped one before but not for a couple of years. 
Any way blip sorted so a relaxing evening in no need to head out in the grey evening 

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