Collage - Couldn't decide!

Visitors today included Fiffi, Neil and Lizzie, Daniel, Joanne and the boys, Johanna and Diesel the Fox Red Labrador.
I couldn't decide what to blip out of the lots of photographs but Ruby and Diesel won the day.
Foxy went mad when Diesel arrived and, despite his size, he is a gentle giant and wouldn't hurt a fly (unless it got in the way of his powerful wagging tail!). Jonty settled down and they played together for a while.
Ruby is looking like a proper baby nowadays at 6lb 4oz this week, she is so cute and everyone is able to get a cuddle now whereas she had to be very careful not to pick up any infections etc. when she was so tiny. She still has oxygen at night, hence the patches on her face, but Johanna hopes she'll be off it altogether soon.

Fiffi, Neil and Lizzie stayed until around 21:00 this evening and then departed to pack for their departure back home to Tasmania tomorrow. It's been such a whirl the past fortnight and it's gone so quickly. It was lovely to have them visiting and they are talking about returning next year.

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