What Am I Doing?

By AbaloneShel

As If The Pigeons Weren't' Enough

There is one thing about being a newbie, there's always another thing to learn, usually the hard way. Today I went out to document the fact that starfish were again being seen in our part of the bay after a wasting disease epidemic caused massive losses. But when I got to the shore-side park where I had intended to explore, I found that my battery had died!!! Newbie mistake. I think I left the camera on causing the juice to drain out. Fortunately I had stopped at the 'village green' on my way down to rest on a bench and take in the scene. I snapped a few pictures while I sat and so I at least had something t blip today. The kid in the picture looks like he is making sure it really is a statue.
Now I will try to always carry a spare charged battery.

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