An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

L.O.L.A. Lola

It's been at least four days since Lola was my blip so well overdue another one ;-)) Another in extras :D 

Thought I would make the most of David being out this afternoon and continue my clear out but it hasn't quite happened.  It's turned into quite a lethargic day for both Lola and me and I blame Lola.

After lunch we spent some time in the garden where she posed quite happily for me but she's been a bit clingy and wanting petted and after worrying there was something wrong with her, I have now discovered the reason.  She's just started her second season.  Oh joy.

Perfect timing of course as David will be off on his annual golfing trip to Portugal at the end of the month and Lola is supposed to be staying with Evelyn (the home boarder we used in the summer) but not sure if she will be able to take her now.  I suppose it will depend on what other dogs are boarding at the same time.  

If you think there's a touch of deja vu about this then you are right.  She started her first season just after David left for a golfing trip to Spain in March!  In fact I just checked back on Blip and it was 7th / 8th March she started.   Six months exactly Lola.  Very punctual! 

So my afternoon has been mostly spent cuddling my girl (not a hardship) and getting organised for LeeAnne and Gail visiting tomorrow (woo hoo! :-)

Alan was supposed to me meeting up with pals to go ten-pin bowling tonight but he's had the threat of a cold hanging over him and doesn't want to go.  Probably just as well as I would hate him to pass any bugs on.  After a grey day though the skies have turned blue and the sun is now shining so he says he might go out in the car with Shelley and stop somewhere scenic for a bit of fresh air.  It will probably do him good.

Happy Friday everyone, I'm off to decide on tonight's choice of gin ...Harris or Tanqueray?  Nice dilemma to have ;-))

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