Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Five red leaves ...

Oh, all right - it's a bit OCD actually to count the leaves, but they caught my eye as we walked past this lovely bright field this afternoon, with the dark clouds that were hanging over the hills providing a suitable colour balance. Several fields in this area in the very south of the Cowal Peninsula have recently been mowed for hay/silage/whatever-it-is-they-do-with-it and the effect, with the rain coming after all that sun, is quite electrifying.

I often find this lighting effect down here: the sun goes on shining to the south of the Highland fault line while up in Dunoon the clouds had moved in at midday after a bright blue morning. I'm shoving in a couple of extras, one of which shows that morning in Argyll Street, with the Borough Hall across the road; the other is of the pond, now covered in water lilies, at Knockdow House - another favourite view of mine.

I'll be off to other parts tomorrow - watch for a change of scene!

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