Silly Saturday: Posh Stables

Not the first time we’ve seen horses “knocking at the door“ of this magnificent house (which stands proudly in the village ‘High Street’). It does appear the owners bring out treats as they were waiting very patiently.

But to anyone unfamiliar with the New Forest, this may come as rather a silly surprise. Wild horses and cows roaming around a vast area (300 sq km) with gay abandon, holding up the traffic, popping their heads through car windows as people enjoy their picnics.

And we have discovered a newish café/wine bar ‘The Sett’. down from the station where we shared a platter, kindly served on 2 smaller ones to keep the animal separate, of locally produced charcuterie (including ‘Karma’ ham - the New Forest answer to Parma ham, and I chose Lyburn Winchester and Cornish Yarg cheeses (English cheeses can be superb). Accompanied by Bakehouse 24’s sourdough and other excellent breads.

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