Men's DVDs!

Thought I might have to give Silly Saturday a miss  -  today was so normal☺  And then I went into Boots the Chemist to buy some Eardrops!  Now I know what sort of DVDs to buy my sons for Christmas  -  yes, Christmas is nearly upon us according to the capitalist retailers☺  When a Chemist is selling DVDs you've got to wonder about their selling strategies  -  when they put them under a Men's label you've got to wonder again☺  I thought how silly that was!  Of course, if you look closely the other side of the notice there is a line of Men's toiletries etc  -  it's just that whoever put the DVDs on display hadn't realised the spin-off, OR were perhaps having a silly moment and a little giggle to themselves.  Whichever, they have made my Silly Saturday day:-)

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