David J. Rose

By djrose007

Ankle update!

This morning the swelling and bruising was a lot worse and the ankle was very stiff. After hobbling around for a while it felt a little better but I couldn't ignore the bruising or the apparent Elephantitis in the leg!
We discussed going to the accident and emergency unit but it galls me how that service is abused and misused. In any case, even if they X-Ray'd the ankle and found a break in a metatarsal, cuneiform or navicular (yeah, I googled 'bones in the foot') they wouldn't do anything except tell me to do what I'm doing already, thanks to people like Jaki (thingsbeautiful) giving good advice.
Daniel went out and got me a couple of boxes of Ibuprofen this morning from the local TESCO Express shop. I also have a 'hospital' type bed so I can elevate the bottom part of the bed.

I did find a hospital stocking in the bathroom cabinet, the thing they put on your legs when you have an operation. I reckon that will help to avoid to danger of blood clots, which appears to be the greatest danger.

Just have to be patient and let it run it's course, although I won't be doing any running myself!

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