After a lot of.....

....weekends out on the mountain bike, we decided to have a road ride today instead.

I do love mountain biking for the fun of it but you just simply can't cover the ground you can on a road bike in the same time.

Over 40 miles in the bag was most enjoyable even if the sun never shone and we were pushing a brisk wind for most of the ride.

We past through the lovely village of Badger and I had to get a shot over the pond, it is a tiny village about 10 miles from the centre of Wolverhampton and couldn't be more different. It is tramped in a by gone time which is wonderful.

Spent the afternoon in the garden cutting the grass and cutting a few things back to fill the green bin. I should have been painting wood work but I can do that when it's raining.

Mr Bo Hingles

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