By hjarald

Old crossing New

This shot is carefully planned upfront. Discovered there is an old steam loc still active on a limited schedule in the south of Limburg in the Netherlands, so I looked up the days and times that it rides.
Checked the entire route on google earth to find the best location (and the best sunlight)

Of course things never go the way you plan it. for one, there was no sun so I had to improvise and choose another standpoint than I had in mind.

I had planned to be on the other side of the bridge with the sun in my back, but due to the cloudy sky this turned out to be better for the clouds in the sky were really unexpectedly nice.

The passing car was not planned, but turned out to be a nice gift too.

It fits one of my life motto's:
'When man plans, God laughs'

But in this case it was for the better ;-)

More info on this train? Click here!

Have a nice day!

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