Grandparents Day

We spent a wonderful morning being thouroughly spoiled and felt fully appreciated at Jacobs 'Grandparents morning tea' at Mater Day College where Jacob our 12 year old Grandson attends.
Firstly Jacob greeted us along with other students in his year all waiting in the foyer to greet their very excited Grandparents, our Grandson Jacob went on to eagerly show some of his years works in technology also his art work, we especially loved the painting in water colours of a native black duck, we can see that hanging in the front room of his home befre the year is out (extras) 
After the tour we were escorted into the assembly hall which had been cleverly turned into a restaurant filled with clothed dining tables, the Grandchildren sat with their grandparents, we were sat at a table with two other very delighful couples and their Grandchildren, we was given a rendition of modern songs by the school orchestra very delightful it was to, after speeches given by the students' piers we listened to some poems read out by a few students about their Grandparents, very interesting, then we were brough our morning tea consisting of a finger sandwich a chocloate slice and diced fruit all catered for by the year 12 students studying catering and hospitality and doing a great job in my opinion.
A few students performed a delightful dance routine, very well done.
Then it was time to say our farewells, after congratulating Jacob on a job well done looking after us both, he shot off to find his pals to spend the rest of recess with them.
We hope the school repeats this event next year, it was a huge success with so many proud Grandparents attending today..

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