This dude...

…has ‘cool’ in spade-loads!  I found him on the beach this morning when B and I went for a circular walk which included the Cley Marshes and Cley beach.  So, of course I had to bring him home and I’m sure I can find a little spot for him somewhere in the house.
We completed our walk at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust visitor centre and had a look around the photography exhibition which features photos from a very talented wildlife photographer who we met through our photo club.  He and his partner think nothing of laying in a cold wet (or even snow-covered) field for hours at a time in order to capture a photo of some creature or another.  My favourite image was a close-up of a hare stretching (just like a cat does), standing with his back legs stretched out behind him, you could almost see the expression of pleasure on his face, such a magic moment to capture.
We also visited the café where I tried a slice of courgette and avocado cake which was moist and delicious, a bit like carrot cake in texture and with a similar topping that was tinted the palest green and decorated with a tiny sprinkling of edible flowers.
The extra is of Cley Windmill.

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