By shashin

Maximus Victory

Sorry its another dog picture , but thats what my life revolves around at the moment.

OK today was dog training day.

Got up, fed Max.
Went to the pet shop, got stuck in the snow in the car. Bought a harness and a muzzle (its for his own and everyone else's good until he gets used to walks)

Went home got stuck in snow, couldn't adjust harness rang pet shop apparently harness was too big. Tried to put muzzle on but Max took it off.

Went back to pet shop
Got stuck in snow, had to dig myself out with a spade for half an hour
Got bigger harness
Got stuck in snow
Tried to take him out he took muzzle off
Realised lead wasn't strong enough.
Drove back to pet shop again and got stuck again
Bought lead and a pep talk from pet shop owner stuck
Went back, Max wouldn't let me put muzzle on, gave-up slammed the door sulked in the lounge, got up tried again, managed to get him up the drive.
Nearly turned back but he started to settle down,

Ant then he turned into a semi-normal dog and I took this picture as a trophy for myself for my efforts

But on the way back he pood and I had to pick it up with a plastic back but it was see thru and I had to wait until no one was around before I could get back home.
But I still class today as a victory over Max day.

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