Managed a slightly earlier start this morning and headed for Muro beach which was already busy when we arrived.
Soon had sand in every crevice as AR built sandcastles, Mx crawled around and then we all went for a paddle-lovely shallow warm sea with clear water and fun waves to jump around in. Mx a bit grumpy-he has a cold but I suspect he also wasn’t enjoying the sand everywhere, so he wanted to be carried a lot (extra). Read some more of my book-loving it-then we went for a wander and decided to have a snack lunch before heading home. AR was hungry after playing in the waves so much and ended up eating her fancy ice cream (extra) alongside her beans and omelette!
Home and hit the pool/loungers. AR is getting really good at jumping in and ‘swimming’ (being held, remaining upright and cycling her legs whilst shouting delightedly ‘I’m swimming’!) ....much braver even than a couple of days ago and not minding too much if her face gets wet.
G and I did the supermarket run then P and I made dinner...calamari then pea and mint pasta, those great holiday specials!
Chatted about uni courses and experiences as students, what they might do tomorrow, and how to cope when the kids have colds and don’t sleep well, then bed

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