Reaching out

Another steady day today overall . A trip to a couple of shops to get a few bits and bobs. This afternoon I took a steady walk to visit Mum. After a good catch up with her I left to take a steady walk home . Been a lovely evening I decided to stop off at the Brayford for a nice ice cold lager. Been nice and relaxed I was enjoying people watching so decided to stay for another. I was thinking about going home when I thought it might be a nice sunset so grabbed another beer. Upon returning outside someone else had decided to seat where I had been sat. Another table was free so I sat there. Sat close by was 3 women enjoying a drink or 3 as they had been there all the time I had been there . One of them was enjoying wine and I noticed the reflection in the glass looked quite effective see extra. She took another sip and then as she reached out to grab another sip I snapped the shot for my blip. I went with the hand shot as I thought it added that extra  to the shot hope you agree will be interested in your views .
I did mention to them I had taken a crafty shot and they liked it. I did say unless anyone recognised her had  no one would know it was her. She did say If the shot made a few hundred pounds I was to search her out for her share. So blip sorted I didn't wait for the sunset but came home for tea.

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