By don_T

Wowza Tuesday!

My day started a bit rockily with a failed clock radio alarm so I missed the early train for my final aquarium yoga. The train I did catch then ran 8 minutes late. I came in to the class 5 minutes late instead of 20 minutes early, very little time to take pix. The top photo is of the happy little sting rays, who love to be pet. The bottom photo was how I ended my most amazing Tuesday. I worked 9-5 then straight to the velodrome for my 2nd structured training session. Tonight's drills included some real speed for the first time. We worked on the 'thread the needle' drill then did a team pursuit. The 1st 3 person team to all complete 8 laps won - and the couples were separated.... happy to say that my team won, not by much but we won. It was a blast to let loose and peddle hard. The final drill was 30 sec speed, 30 sec off 5 times, a 3 min steady state rest and repeat another 5 speed bursts....amazing leg strength and cardio training. The bottom photo is of our 2 cycling suitcases my sweetie bought us (they are soooooo handy, grab &go). A dream day, except for the having to work part.

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