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  ............... Thursday168  (AT168) - with thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.

The challenge subject was "eyetwisting" ........ hmmmmmm?

I am terrified of spiders (and I mean terrified) - this one was high up on the kitchen wall when I went downstairs this morning .... 

My way of catching them (I don't like killing anything) is to use a large beer glass and a large piece of card (I keep a postcard in the cupboard for just this purpose) - put the glass over the spider, slide the card along the wall, hold it down tightly on top of the glass and shake said spiddy into the bottom - go outside and throw Mr Spids into a bush.

When I tell you that this particular Mr Spids' legs almost reached the full diameter of the beer glass you'll know he was a monster! 
I almost had a heart attack when I realised I had trapped one of his toes and he wouldn't shake down so when I came to take the card off the top to throw, he remained on the postcard and scuttled ......... needless to say I went "girlie" and the glass, the postcard and Spiddy all went into the bush together!!    The neighbours (if they had been around at 06.30) would have heard a list of expletives after the squealing!!!   :o))

NOW, the "eyetwisting" bit is my wall isn't natural brick and zoomy, the spider was jet black not a pretty brown and on here he looks like a shadow not a real arachnid!  All thanks to Patrick O'PicMonkey and his one-click effects.

Sh*t - I really cannot come to terms with spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Anni ~

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