High flying baby

I went down to the Point to have a blipmeet with WildAurora who is here on holiday. We were hoping to see the dolphins and our luck was in.We had just walked along the beach when we spotted them swimming along at the side while all the spotters were looking the other way. We chatted while we snapped away. Delighted to see Kesslet and her baby although Charlie ,her son, was being abit over playful and I think the photo above shows a toss rather than a leap. Just hope they get along and the baby can with stand his ‘play’.
Porridge and her baby made an appearance to.The sun shone for a bit and it felt warm.The rain did eventually catch up with us so we said goodbye and I walked along the beach to the golf club carpark where Mike picked me up.
I did take my time on the walk back as it dried up and everywhere sparkled.I could still see the dolphins leaping about near Fort George and a wind surfer was catching the waves.

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