By JoeyG

Cat Yoga

I arrived home just after midnight last night. Found Clarkey doing a fine cat arch to my DDP Yoga DVD.

Actually this is what he does when he’s please to see me! He rubs his face over everything, flops on the ground and rolls around. I gave him plenty of fuss. Poor thing has missed me - I can tell as he’s been pulling his fur out which is a sign of anxiety for him. My Dad has been in every day to feed him and de-pooh the tray, but it’s not the same as having me around permanently. And he is a proper Mummy’s boy!

I was away for ten days but it feels like a lifetime. I was so comfortable at my friend’s place that I felt entirely disassociated with this house when I walked back in. I know I live here because all my stuff is here, but it’s not home. Still, as always I shall make the most of it while I have it and return my time to fussing the cat to make him feel better!

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