Ready for picking

Enjoyed singing this morning.

Didn't enjoy this afternoon's activity much - kneeling on the floor to put filler in the screw holes in the skirting board. Never mind, it's another little job nearer finishing off the 'Music room'.

An early-evening walk up to the Common with MrM. He checked the SD card in the squirrel-monitoring camera, to make sure the camera has been working. It has - there were several shots of squirrels on the feeder. Then a walk around the path - there were squirrels feeding in the hazel trees, a squirrel on a feeder, and another sitting on the fence.

It's a good year for fruits and berries of all sorts. Hips and haws, rowan berries and crab apples in abundance on the Common. Blackberries too, ripe and ready for picking. Unfortunately we didn't have a container with us!

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