I Can See You!

There is a spider with its head down the daffodil ... I didn't spot him until now.

It started off a lovely warm day with lots of sun. Late afternoon it started to get really cold again.  Great to feel the warmth of the sun for most of the day.

I went into the city to look around for gifts to take with me to Canada.. and I forgot to put my camera in the car. I could have used my cell phone but didn't. I got taking to a lovely lady in the NZ gift shop just got back to the car before my free hour was up. It was a successful trip and now have most of my gifts.

After Acupuncture tomorrow I will go over and pick my youngest son up and we are heading to Akaora for the night. He is going to cut my hedge which hasn'y been done for over two years and it is now starting block from harbour view. The weather is to be good up until Monday.

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