His Simple Rose

By HisSimpleRose

Ed Sheeran

On the 2nd November, Ellie, Annie and I went to see Ed Sheeran live at the 02 Apollo, Manchester. Annie wore her flowery jeans, vest top and cardigan, I left the house in a black dress, tights and leather jacket, and Ellie went in... well, her giraffe onsie.. ;) Reason being that (in her own words), "He's ginger like my onesie, he might spot me cause I'm easy to see, Megan won't loose me and it's comfortable and I love giraffes :)"
Fair enough I thought. Though, walking down the very long line to the back of the queue wasn't as fun when every single person waiting was staring at you, haha! Annie was mortified and I was confused as I forgot the person next to me wasn't a person but in fact a giraffe ;)
Ed Sheeran was amazing, and so much fun. He got the whole crowd involved and called us his gospel choir, every time he wanted our input shouting "hell yeah!".
He also managed to get the whole audience to be silent for the slower songs, and for one or two songs we did some improvised acting, pretending to be drunk at a festival and more. He had a good bunch of support acts too, especially one called Passenger who sung a brilliant song called 'I Hate' which I love.
I went in not very well, and by the time I came out I'd lost my voice. To be honest, it got to the point where I didn't care anymore and having a shouting/singing battle with the other side of the crowd was more fun ;)
Fun night out, though a little scary how old I look in the photos we took, in one of them I look about 30! Ellie's compliment of the night was that I looked like Denise Van Outen. Chuffed.... hoping she meant a younger version though...

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