In the pink

Well almost eh!
now have to take blood pressure tablet in the mornings
been feeling rough and blinding headache with my heart trying to bounce out of my yesterday went to see Dr and perhaps have blood pressure taken,Receptionist said Mmmmm! I doubt you will get an appointment at this time of day.
so I said ok I will have it taken at the chemist they are always available for me. she then said let me look at your notes,I think as I had been taking antidepressants that she changed her tune,and said if I could wait 10 minutes I could be seen by Dr I did he took my BP and said Ahh!.Ooooo! I said have I won a prize you have won Blood tests and tablets. So LISINOPRIL it is.take one in the morning with my breakfast.Had a terrible nights sleep heart thumping head banging got up had some toast and tea then took the tablet and hey presto !!!! headache gone after 20 minutes  . felt fine most of the day,at 2pm finished an ironing job of 3 hours, head baning and felt very tired so had a sleep till 4.30pm.
got up ate a sandwich more tea and water gone 6pm feeling lot better.
Blood tests for thyroid,liver kidney diabetes . now have appointment book full for next two weeks.thought I had finished with that.
off to dinner out now 
happy friday night blippers.

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