Peter's Ponderings

By Lofty

Tricky things, beds

I've always found getting out of bed a bit.... tricky.

Last December I woke at 2am convinced I was late for work. I leapt gracefully across the room towards the light switch, put my weight on my left leg which as it turns out had gone numb and wasn't where gravity needed it to be, and crumpled up into a pile on the floor.

Somewhere in the process I managed to remove a toe from my left foot.

(Don't worry, that makes as much sense to me as you, and I'm the one that had to explain my self to the a&e nurse, but there you go!)

You'd think I'd learn.

But this morning, I walloped the snooze button for only the 3rd time, had the first good stretch of the morning.

And duly twanged a muscle in my neck/back stopping me from looking to the right and holding my head up straight.

Fortunately my Chinese housemate has a limitless supply of the good stuff:

Malaysian Tiger Balm Plus.

Now I just have to be careful where I put my hands.......

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