The final fifteen!

This morning we got the bus to The Mall as we had tickets for the opening day of The Greatest Dog Show on Earth 2 Exhibition.  Now, I have not suddenly become a dog lover, this was all 67 Gromit, Wallace and Feathers sculptures under one roof, and a chance to complete the trail.  It was a bit of a shame that having been cleaned up for auction that many were behind a barrier, but it was still great to see them.  The tickets were for a one hour slot which we didn't think would be long but it was more than enough and as it got emptier it was nice to look at each one and see the small details we had missed before.

There are 9 in my main collage, and the last 6 are in my extra along with a few shots of the pavilion.  Gromjet is still our favourite, Gromit P. Sullivan (Sully) second and Gromitronic third.

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