The Way I See Things


Migrant Hawker

An entertaining time was had by one and all on Lucy's Mill Bridge in Stratford today: the Migrant Hawkers were entertaining me and R, and I was - apparently - entertaining everyone else.

Every time a total stranger says to me, "That's a big lens!" I mentally pay myself £5. Pretty soon I'm going to have enough to go and photograph lammergeiers in the Pyrenees, where I hope to encounter only wildlife and people who don't think that's a helpful thing to say to someone who's hanging over a bridge, trying to focus on a very small thing flying quite a long way away.

I try really quite hard not to be cruel, or sarcastic, or just simply a smartarse, when dealing with innocent civilians. Sadly this only really leaves me with the response "Yes it is!!" [smiley-face emoticon] - and that leaves me wanting to stick my big lens in my own eye to distract me from the rising tide of irritation.

And.... breathe.

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