Marsupium Photography

By magi

SS Explorer, revisited

Since my last visit to the SS Explorer 2 years ago I had the idea to go back with a tripod and take some panorama shots of the machine room. Today, I finally managed to do so. The crew of volunteers of the SS Explorer Preservation Society are very friendly. I got to take the photos for the panorama and was offered a rather fine cup of tea at the end. When I was setting up the 2nd panorama the generator failed and I was left in pitch darkness. Quite interesting. They switched on the other power generator after a few minutes and the lights came back on. 

As feared I wasn't careful enough finding the nodal point, so there are some stitching defects. Ah well, I just have to go back another time.

The SS Explorer is well worth a visit. I have added the interactive panoramas to my website.

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