I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Hanging with the bird and the bee

It is interesting that the bees are all over the neighbor's weed very early in the morning and by 9:00am there isn't one to be seen. I can not resist taking pictures of them. 

This young male Anna's hummingbird is really starting to get his adult color. They are zooming around the yard, chattering and protecting their territory. One of them was in my face when I was too close to the feeder. They are fearless little things.

I saw a very tiny butterfly on the little tutti fruiti butterfly bush this afternoon. I tried taking a picture, but the wind was blowing it around and I could not get focus on it. A smaller skipper was enjoying the bush as well.

Judy is in the 'hood taking care of Mr. Busy for a few days, so we had her over for dinner. I think you will be seeing a blip of him in the coming days.

I have been steadily getting the yard back into shape from the summer of neglect. It has felt good to be out puttering around. I am grateful that my knee is no longer a deterrent to such activity.

Until tomorrow....

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