By JoeyG

Seeking Motivation

Should a Blip title be for the photo or the text? Or should they all entwine? Or does it really matter? (These aren’t serious questions.)

The photo has nothing to do with seeking motivation other than I took it when I was. The individuals just happened to pass by and I liked the idea of a silhouetted couple strolling along the prom.

I have extricated myself from the laptop, to which I have been chained this weekend , and forced my unhappy spirit to my seat on the prom; grateful that Costa was open long enough to placate my coffee-experience-addiction. (Forced because I alighted the bus suddenly unaware of which direction to move my feet in. For about five long, confusing minutes.)

It’s been pleasant weather today, in contrast to yesterday’s torrential downpours, so I thought it best to take advantage and go smell the sea. (Which is heavily pungent with seaweed at present. Heaven.)

I’m on the last season of Grey’s Anatomy at home, almost all caught up to real time. Miranda’s character suffered, but survived, a heart attack - she asked the question, ‘When you die, will you look back on your life and know that you did what you loved?’ I hate this question. I hate it because at 41yrs old (or young, depending on your outlook) my answer would still be, ‘no.’

The good news is that I am still alive, lungs inflating, heart ticking, feet striding; so I can change my ending - I don’t have to die saying no, but wouldn’t it be nice if motivation came easily? To be the person who’s ball is held firmly at all times? I seem to drop mine every other heartbeat!

I am not a religious person, but last night I found myself wondering what I would ask “God” if he/she/it were real. There are so many things - whether you ask for yourself, a loved one or for the rest of the world.....soooo many things. I couldn’t think of any then - but today, I’d ask for motivation, a happy permanence to appear within me that makes me want to succeed every day, no matter what the circumstances of my daily life.

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