Some much needed....

...fresh air and it was fresh with the brisk wind we encountered, but at least it was still shorts wearing temperature.

I was convinced I wouldn't get out on the bike today as the weather reports were showing a good chance of rain. I thought I'd be decorating all day but I saved that just for the afternoon, after three hours on the mountain bike with the old man. 

Lots of canal towpaths amongst the urban sprawl of the Black Country. Even though we were sometimes in heavily industrial areas it's amazing how much wildlife you get to see in the ecosystem of the canal network.
I lost count of how many Herons we saw and if I'd got my big lens with me I'm sure I would have got some cracking shots.

The day got a little less exciting after the ride as I returned to the chore of decorating,  poor Claire has the lurgy so was curled up trying to sleep it off.

Weekend done once again. I hope yours was fun filled!?!?

Mr Bo Hingles 

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