Hospital, again

Another trip to hospital this morning, Grantham this time.

On top of her other problems, Beloved has buggered her shoulder and is in constant pain. She did something to it when she was swimming; and they say exercise is good for you.

So it was off to see the consultant. The one she was supposed to see was off on sick leave, so she saw another one.

I have to admit he seemed a nice bloke, straightforward, pleasant and with a sense of humour.

She had two choices, wait for an operation, or have a cortisone injection in her shoulder there and then. Obviously she went for the injection.

I couldn't watch, not that I'm squeamish about needles, I used to be a blood donor so needles are not a problem, but if I'd watched and Beloved as much as flinched, I would have had to hit him, so it was for the best I kept out of the way.

Improvement should be felt by this time next week.

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