Silly Saturday ....

.... guilt.

I have been feeling quite guilty lately regarding my participation on blipfoto.  I have been doing the minimum at best .... only posting to my journal and not visiting yours.

I appreciate all the visits to my site and the wonderful comments, hearts and stars.  I especially appreciated you birthday wishes last week and feel just awful that I haven't thanked you all personally and individually.  Please forgive me. I know I have promised to be better ... but so far that hasn't happened.  I really have no excuse .....

I wanted to set something up as a way to show my guilt for my lack of comments so it was Chippy to the rescue!  I have added an extra of the other creatures that took part in my photo shoot. The other extra is a male Ruby-throated hummingbird.  We have seen a steady decline in their visits to our yard .... most have left for the season.  :-( 

If you are so inclined to go back .... I have backblipped that past few days starting with Wild Wednesday.

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