Stitched up- no escape

Many thanks to all my friends who have sent good wishes. Fortunately, I continue to make progress.
  The district nurse called today, a very kind and gentle woman.
She knew instantly what the problems were- yet it had taken two sessions in Accident and Emergency, three doctors, countless nurses and a total of ten hours in A&E to diagnose the problems not to mention calls to NHS 24, the Golden Jubilee hospital in Glasgow and the services of two ambulances. (Excellent service from the paramedics).
She says the hospitals never warns patients after knee surgery that they are likely to get spectacular bruising, broken skin and swelling which looks very alarming. She says it is all to do with the way they pull and yank your leg around in surgery to check that the knee implant works. Also I had had my leg realigned, which would have entailed even more pulling and stretching.
Earlier I had a session with the physio in the new Stirling community hospital. Again service was superb.
 I am told to start walking from lamp post to lamp post. Not easy since we live on a steep hill and the last lamp post before open country is just outside the gate. Still I get the idea…get walking.
Re Mono Monday escape

This is not for the squeamish, close up of some of my 36 clips holding my new knee in. So – no escape.

Many thanks to Ellaphant for hosting the Mono Monday Challenge.

PS M say this photo look like a piece of pork!!! 


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