Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

“the Ancient Ones”

This is the name of this sculpture in front of the fabulous 2012 (new to us ) Mesa Verde visitor center we visited on our way out of Durango mid day. I thot it’d be good to show one of the ancestral Puebloans climbing that cliff face with a basket of wood on his back using hand and foot holds in the rock! Thank goodness for ladders ( see yesterday’s blip).

This morning we had a lovely walk by the Animas River with T and MA who have been so good taking care of us... MA packed a gourmet lunch to die for... we appreciate all they’ve done and we had a great time.

Now in Page, Arizona, driving past lots of red rock formations ( extra for the road trip day 6 pix) and the 4 corners in navaholand where the 4 states meet ( CO, NM, AZ and UT) except it seems it is actually a few miles off. :-). Page is an odd place... small town, lots of motels out aways. Near Lake Powell. We’re ready for another adventure nearby tomorrow..
do admit our bodies are happier at a bit lower altitude...

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