Tiny Tuesday...Asters

I went rushing off this morning, late as I thought, for the recommencement of the Community Photography Group, but when I arrived at the hall, there was a different group meeting there.  Thought the venue had been changed, until I was told it was Tuesday today, and not Wednesday !! I felt a right plonker !! Demetia setting in possibly?.........I have lost track of the days due to being away last week.
Anyway, had a walk around the park looking for today's blip and was amazed a the amount of bees and hover flies around these asters/Michaelmas daisies, all jostling to get at the pollen. Wish I knew which variety they were.....I would buy some ......
Thanks to dbifulco for hosting this month :)

Thanks as always for the responses to yesterday's mono, very much appreciated :)

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