By JoeyG

Hair by Storm Ali

I decided to trial my Dad’s house as my workplace this week - in the hope that I can return a sense of homeliness to the house I rent; I have been resenting living and working from the same environment. It seems to have done the trick. Home is now home again....a place to chill.

After a lot of emotional turmoil yesterday regarding my immediate future (vocationally speaking) I received word today of an 11th hour reprieve on my existing contract. Another three months work.

This time I am viewing the extension with gratitude - my job is joyless to me but I now have time to look for something new whilst still being able to support myself. I can make this work, I just have to nut up and get on with it; it won’t be forever.

When I left Dad’s to come home, Blackpool was on the receiving end of a storm. The wind speed was insane, by our standards. Strong enough for someone of my substantial proportions to be pushed around, incapable of standing on the spot! Ain’t no hair spray on Earth strong enough to hold a quiff! Luckily for us, compared to those on a hurricane’s warpath, although the winds are strong enough to potentially cause some damage, it’s only ever superficial. We get to enjoy aspects of it, safely of course - the prom was an entirely different story. And there’s no way you’d want to be on the sea during this storm. Yikes!

Tomorrow evening I start a ten week College course in creative writing. So looking forward to that.

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