Adrenaline Peak

Today Jill and I went to Portland to visit Oaks Amusement Park and then my cousin. Oaks got a new coaster this year, Adrenaline Peak, which is a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter. It's 72 feet tall, goes 45 mph, the drop is 97 degrees, and it has three inversions. It's intense and fun. This was my 246th roller coaster and the 10th amusement park I've been to this year. I love its paint scheme!

Oaks opened in 1905 and has been in continuous operation since. We also rode the 1912 carousel, the kiddy coaster and a couple of spinning rides. We spent about an hour there. It's a small park.

That afternoon we met my cousin Ann, her husband, Curt, and some old friends, Angela and her husband, Michael. We ate downtown. Afterward, Ann, Jill and I hung out for a few hours wandering around. We went to Powell's bookstore and got some books (I got two World War II books; Jill bought some amusement park history books). We also went to a wine bar and Voodoo Doughnut. We wanted to go to Blue Star doughnuts, but it closed around 8, so we were too late.

More in extras.

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