By hjarald

Bye Bye

Farewell everyone!

Ever since my first entry  - on May 1st 2012 to be precise - I've been portraying landmarks, traditions, history and any thing else of our Dutch culture in my specially developed Delft Blue 2.0 signature style.

Now over six years later I regretfully have to decide to stop this project on Blipfoto.

Well I'm into so many other photography things nowadays that this has become far too time consuming and tougher to find topics that haven't been covered already in the exactly 1660 entries over the years.

I would really like to thank my loyal blip friends I made over the years - and all non blippers visiting me from my other social media links to my blipfoto page - resulting in some dear friendships and a grand total of more than 1.700.000 views

I won't stop entirely, but shifting my project to my facebook page where there is no need to match the day they are shot, making my time management better and granting all of you the possibility to keep following me:

For this occasion I shot this photo of our Royal Family today waving to the crowd after opening the new Government year in the House of Parliament.

Have a great time on Blipfoto! I wish I had the time to keep going on.

Hope to see you on my facebook page weekly instead of daily.

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September 23rd 2018

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