Busy day with some useful writing and thinking but also series of meetings, including a planning one with V before she departs on her long awaited holiday to Oz next week. Goodness knows how we’ll cope whilst she’s away given how busy it is at this time of year but she deserves a break after the trials of this last year.
Headed down to Holyrood for a lecture at the end of the day....and noticed that this police box has been taken over as an advert for a protest this weekend. I love the way these old boxes scatter the city and it’s mind boggling how many different purposes they’ve been put to - although most are food related (felafel kitchens, coffee huts, raclette stalls, even one with a pizza oven bolted on the back). The lecture was a call to action too...but this time on tackling inequality through education. Good stuff. Walked home in the rain...yuk!

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