Housewife's Choice

By christilou


Took Little B to get his hair cut this morning and whilst he was gone I popped in to see my friend and give her her birthday present.  I took my camera gear as I know she's been wanting to get some pics of her dogs.... the one lying down is on her last legs at 12 and a half years old and she wanted to get one of them all together before she goes.  I took both cameras but to be honest space was really limited inside the house and poor Manni was too ill to move out of the house much.  I took loads of quick fire shots with the Sony but turned to the Leica in the end.  I had to make a decision between ridiculously high iso and aperture and tried to find a reasonable balance which means they aren't all in focus.  I'm a big believer in "the moment" rather than perfection so hoping that she will like them anyway :)

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