Selfie with GRR!

A Post-It note stuck to the computer screen to remind me to call the cruise company about the positively hare-brained air itinerary they sent me for our New Zealand/Australia cruise in November. 

You would think that we lived in some dusty, forgotten backwater at the far ends of the earth.  They have us flying from Boston (last time I checked a major American city) to Dallas/Fort Worth, then on to San Francisco, then to Sydney Australia, and finally to Auckland New Zealand.  FOUR take offs and landings?  THREE layovers?  Over 40 hours of travel time?  Really?????  When I called, I was told that it was "difficult" to find flights out of Boston, and that this was the best they could do.  I went and looked on Expedia, and found a great long list of flights from Boston to Auckland with only ONE stop (in San Francisco).  Honestly, how ridiculous.  I told the cruise line to give us a credit for the air fare, and that we'd book our own flights.  An hour later, I had us booked in on a one stop flight with a total travel time of 23 hours, and I even managed to do this with a major airline departing from the little-known, difficult-to-find-flights-out-of hamlet of Boston! 

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