Today has turned out to be busier than expected.  Firstly I had to drive Mr MC to an eye test appointment as this particular test  involves  eye drops to dilate the pupils and so he is unable to drive for a few hours.  He has developed an eye condition which could potentially be very serious, with surgery as the only option but to date he has remained stable and we are sincerely hoping that it will remain that way: results should be within the week.
Once back home, I did some work of the paid variety and Mr MC sorted through old paperwork for recycling.  I was rather pleased when it was time for a little shopping therapy with Zeus09smum: we went back to the Range, where their new festive display was unveiled.  We did not come back empty handed...
Late afternoon, Violet and her mummy popped in to see us after school.  Honestly, this little girl seems to have grown up in the week since I last saw her and I'm including a shot of her in her school uniform in extras.

I felt that Tinky deserved top spot for today's blip though: of late she has seemed more cheerful and playful despite her 14 years and (minor) health problems.  I think that really she would have liked to go out through the front window to sunbathe on the sill, but there was little sun and the window firmly closed, so she had to settle for the small table  that usually has a vase of flowers on it.  She does look pleased to have it to herself for once.

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