Czech it out

We went on a day trip from Brno to a scenic area known as Moravian karst. It contains some expansive and impressive caves, one of which is named after a shepherdess called Catherine who went inside to seek her lost sheep and was never seen again; possibly devoured by bears.

The cave has beautiful formations including stalagnates (a new word for me, for stalactites/stalagmites that stretch from floor to ceiling) and the temperature inside plunged to 8 degrees, for which I was not prepared. The concerts that are held in the main cavern must be rousing affairs, as a soundtrack of Hallelujah attested to.

Before the cold started shutting down our organs we departed and continued up the mountain to a beautiful gorge view, next to which we lunched on fried cheese and fried potatoes, before descending again in a cable car.

There ensued a mad night out in a club in Brno, which rates as one of our most fun and certainly less bizarre than some, especially the Serbian folk music boat moored in Belgrade on the Danube.

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