Under the cabbage

One of Brno's focal points is known as, glamorously, the Cabbage Market (pictured). Below it is a labyrinthine series of passageways that served as an underground town for hundreds of years during the Middle Ages, complete with taverns, workshops and food stores. We went on a tour and learnt about the way of life for people who spent much of their time in this subterranean world. It reminded us in no small part of an earlier B trip to Bucharest in 2009, where we visited the Museum of the Romanian Peasant.

I've never laughed as much as in that museum, because the translations of the exhibits were so hilariously simplistic. 'Shelves for dishes' and 'icon painted on glass' did no justice to the historical artefacts they were purporting to explain. There was a lot of hiding behind pillars to avoid being seen crumpled and in tears by a stern curator.

Jackie and I are not going home like the others but are continuing on a mini European adventure for the rest of the week. We caught a bus to Prague when the others headed to Brno airport.

Jackie is excellent at researching things to do. She had identified a popular bar in Prague, known as Vzorkovna, massively hipster and studenty, and judging by the notices at the entrance, hugely against groups of drunken Brits on stag dos. The bar has sloping tables (perilous for a beer bottle) and seating in creative places, such as a row of aeroplane chairs high up along a wall with an athletic challenge to climb up. It was fun spending a night surrounded by the quirkiness.

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