By wingpig

just one little one

I'll try and stop these for a while or limit myself to one or two a week. I haven't reached a dead end or anything but the winter is well and truly over and there was still a good hour and an half of usable daylight this evening even after finishing at well past six. Dark nooks with nice mixes of different colours of artificial light will always still be there next winter or if I run out of other things to blip. I did try this evening with a gleaming line of safely-parked cars but didn't get it quite right. This mews/alley thing off Causewayside has bene catching my eye for the past twelve years so I grabbed it tonight when there were few cars to drive past and spoil it with a reflection. The large number of manholes and hydrants in such a small area intrigues me too. Maybe if all streets were like this with enough potential access points for any evntuality there'd be less need to bugger about with the roads and pavements all the time.

I hope everyone who was off work today had a nice day. It felt slightly like Friday at work given that after tomorrow morning I have no deadlines for a week and I can just work normally on things and leave when my days' hours are complete. There's a meeting tomorrow which conveniently finishes at the end-of-afternoon-core-time and I have an appointment with the dentist on Friday afternoon, conveniently timed to make it too late to be worth returning to the office afterwards. Anyway, working today means one extra day of holiday to use on another weekday when everyone else is working.

The other advantage of not posting night-lit urban nooks will be that I'll not need to wait until late to post. It's elevenish now so I'll see if I can get something up by ten tomorrow, nine on Wednesday and so on for the rest of the week. My early afternoon sleep and a few sneezes today seem to be indicating that the last couple of months might be gaining a little. Sleep is cheaper than snack foods containing vitamin C.

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