Here I am having to post today's Blip using my big computer.  Normally I use the App on my iPhone.  However I did my iOS 12 upgrade this evening and alas, I cannot open the Blipfoto App on my iPhone.  I'm not sure how I get around this problem and would appreciate advice for other Blippers.  
Maisie and I went walking very early.  There was a lovely red dawn but by the time we got to a site suitable for photographing the red had all gone.  But these rather interesting clouds looked rather beautiful. It has been cloudy most of the day.  I was rather hoping for some rain as parts of the garden are drying out and could do with a good soaking.
Sam, our lovely 6 foot 6 inch adopted "Nephew" finished his 10 week stay with us today and has returned to his home in Nelson.  He has all but finished his Nursing Training with only State Finals to go.  He has spent the 10 weeks in the Pediatric Unit.  Sam is a giant of a man and I would love to have seen him handling tiny babies.  We will miss his company and Maisie will be very sad as both she and Sam adored each other.  She would spend ages sitting cuddled up to him on the sofa.  Mind you, she has always been a cuddly little dog.

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